Dry Rot Eradication

Dry rot is a wood destroying fungus which can leave timber dry and crumbled causing severe structural damage. Signs to look for are an earthy smell, red dust spores and orange fungus

Dry rot is a fungus that once it enters your home can cause serious damage to your timbers and can affect the structural integrity of your home. Early detection and prevention is a must to protect your home. Dry rot needs needs your timbers to be wetter than is should be in order to establish itself.

Typically your timbers will need to have a moisture content of around 28-30% for a fungal spore (orange dust) to germinate and produce hyphone strands that develop into mycelium. Once the dry rot fungus is established it will then travel across stone and brickwork to find more timber to colonise.

The fungus that most commonly causes dry rot is known as serpula lacrymans. The decay happens when the fungus feeds on the timber, it will leave a brittle skeleton structure behind. The decay cracks will be of a cuboid nature and eventually the wood will crumble to dust, which could cause parts of your property to collapse.

Signs of Dry Rot

An earthy strong mushroom smell.
A fruiting body (mushroom) that is an orange, rusty brown.
Orange dust through out the property.
Cuboid formation on timbers.
Grey threads similar in appearance to cobwebs
A fruiting body (mushroom) that is an orange, rusty brown.

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What we do

Our dry rot eradication services include removal, treatment and reinstatement of timbers, plaster and masonry.

One of our most popular services; dry rot eradication can not only restore a room back to a dry useable space, but can prevent greater more permanent damage to the building.

Following a thorough survey, we will be able to ascertain which treatment is needed. When necessary, removal and reinstatement of timbers and plasterwork can be carried out by our experienced team.

The treatment can also include specialist masonry eradication by means of a coarse chemical spray and neighboring timbers may be treated by means of a deep penetrating paste or penetrative wood spray.

What you need to do

There are a number of ways to treat dry rot and you can begin with a call to Damp Busters to complete a free local estimate/survey of your property. We will establish which treatment would be necessary for the full eradication of dry rot to your property. 

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